Trade Association for Seafood Traceability Technology

Combining forces to improve the traceability of our seafood supply chains

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The Trade Association for Seafood Traceability Technology (TAST-T) is an alliance of traceability technology vendors that work together to provide full-chain seafood traceability technology solutions. TAST-T works in a precompetitive collaboration to address and resolve barriers to full-chain traceability, making the path to implementing traceability from water to plate clearer, simpler, and easier to navigate. Over time, TAST-T aims to build demand for traceability technology, and to ensure that there are multiple technology companies with integrity able to meet that demand.

Improved traceability = better business + improved management → healthier fish stocks.

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TAST-T is founded on the premise that robust full-chain traceability depends upon intentional collaboration across technology vendors—and that such collaboration benefits alliance members as well as the seafood industry as a whole. Through effective collaboration, TAST-T aims to:

  1. Build the ecosystem of technology that can effectively overcome the technological and implementation barriers that currently inhibit whole-chain seafood traceability.
  2. Reduce the barriers preventing improved traceability adoption through a range of channels, include industry education, consumer outreach, input to government and regulators, marketing campaigns, supply chain collaborations, and pilot projects.
  3. Serve as a trusted and centralized resource for the seafood industry to easily identify high-quality, innovative technology partners for implementing whole-chain traceability.

TAST-T works to achieve these goals through the following four core areas:



Working together to provide collaborative solutions to complex seafood traceability challenges.



Building end-to-end traceability solutions that help businesses track their products through the supply chain in order to meet business strategy and regulatory data needs.



Educating seafood businesses on the principles of full chain traceability and technology implementation.



Working with industry, regulators, and NGOs to encourage best practices in traceability and data sharing.


End-to-end traceability is a supply chain decision.

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The Trade Association for Seafood Traceability Technology was founded in 2016, in collaboration with Future of Fish. Acknowledging a need for traceability vendors to collaborate on interoperable full-chain traceability solutions, Future of Fish convened leading traceability vendors to discuss opportunities for improving interoperability and building a non-competitive vendor alliance. TAST-T and its associated initiatives are possible with the support of the Oceans and Seafood Markets Initiative (OSMI) and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.



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