Boston, MA.
Founded 2012


The Basics

BackTracker is a fishery database company that validates traceability data against official government harvest data. BackTracker’s secure and grounded electronic data repository provides confirmation that species, location, and volumes are accurate as they move down the supply chain. The BackTracker platform is scalable, and can be adapted to pull data directly from a client’s current ERP system so that manual entry of information into BackTracker is not required.

Primary customers: Seafood Dealers, Processors, Retailers


How can backtracker help?

BackTracker provides a seafood traceability database that compares confidential data from supply chain participants to landings data collected by the government in order to provide seafood dealers, processors, retailers, and their customers a solid verification of each individual lot of product that has been transacted. BackTracker helps clients authenticate seafood labeling claims to increase supply chain transparency and integrity.




Michael Carroll, CEO

Michael Carroll has more than 25 years' experience in the international seafood business from vessel- and farm-to-market covering all types of harvest operations and supply chain areas. He is the CEO of BackTracker Inc., a fishery database company that validates traceability data against official government harvest data. Michael's focus and expertise over the past five years has been specifically on business development of environmental fisheries, aquaculture and seafood projects. He has worked on projects directly with government organizations such as the state of Alaska, Canada and the Gulf of Mexico Region; and multi-national corporations such as Gorton's, Darden and Ahold.

Michael holds a master's degree from a top environmental and natural resources economics program that specializes in international fisheries and aquaculture. He not only has extensive hands on experience with fisheries, aquaculture and supply chains, but also has strong working knowledge of all of the latest certification systems and standards.