Palo Alto, CA.
Founded 2008


The Basics

Frequentz is a flexible, powerful traceability solution for complete supply-chain transparency. Frequentz is a technology leader in providing comprehensive serialized data  and information management. Beginning with the catch location, method, and species, Frequentz makes sure that seafood’s unique identifiers travel along the chain of custody to processors and restaurants. In doing so, Frequentz helps protect legal fisheries and identify gaps where illegally caught fish can enter the supply chain.

Primary customers: Fishers, Processors, Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Regulators, 3rd-Party Certifiers


How can Frequentz help?

Frequentz helps businesses protect their product and brand integrity. Frequentz provides comprehensive serialized data warehousing, traceability, and information management solutions which help to improve productivity, enhance product quality, and increase profitability. The traceability solutions created by Frequentz provide value beyond trading partner and regulatory compliance by adhering to international regulations and country specific reporting, while bringing insight into efficiencies. Frequentz provides a scalable platform that seamlessly integrates into any businesses current operations, allowing for the biggest and smallest of companies to receive the benefits of traceability.



John McPherson.jpg

John Mcpherson, Director of Sustainability

John is an expert on the nexus of technology, sustainability and entrepreneurship, having led teams in a diverse array of interdisciplinary projects, ranging from ocean advocacy and education to green-job training and mobile technology development. John is currently a co-founding Board Member of the Los Angeles Sustainability Collaborative, an innovative non-profit organization dedicated to finding solutions to sustainability issues in Southern California through research. He graduated from Boston College with degrees in Biology and Environmental Science.