Insite Solutions

Seattle, WA.
Founded 2004


The Basics

Insite Solutions (Insite) is an end-to-end electronic data capture system. Insite provides a flexible, interoperable, modular technology system that is easily customizable to meet government and business data needs. Insite provides users with easy access to Key Data Elements and business information, materials, inventory and product flow.

Primary customers: Government, NGO’s, Aquaculture, Fishers, Seafood Processors and Dealers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Retail and Food Service.


How can Insite help?

Insite supports data capture efficiency through capture once, use multiple times data sharing.  Insite’s modules are scalable, interoperable, user friendly, providing user feedback to support accurate data capture and sharing. The system’s modules support blue water fleets, large processing facilities, aquaculture operations, artisanal fisheries, stock analysis and government reporting needs.

Insite's systems improve data collection efficiency, speed and accuracy, while providing real-time access to Key Data Elements (KDE’s), reporting and operational analysis. Insite’s modules capture KDE’s related to vessel tracking, crew logs, fishing effort, gear deployment, catch weights and biometrics (species, weights, length) supporting stock assessment and catch analysis. Adaptable to the data needs of government, regulators, and industry, with precise product recall, yield analysis, and inventory reporting. Insite supports traceability of raw materials, ingredients, packaging and logistics. Interoperability allows real-time web server and/or cloud based communication within operations, upstream and downstream, and across platforms.

Built for the seafood industry, Insite operating experience is based upon 14 years of in the field operations. This is a robust system that is dependable, adaptive and economical. Insite is a true end-to-end electronic data capture, sharing and reporting solution.



Tom Kraft.jpg

Thomas Kraft, Managing Director

Thomas Kraft, CPA, founder of Norpac Fisheries Export (1986-present), has 30 years of fishery and processing experience. He founded Insite, based in Seattle, WA., in 2004. Thomas worked for Price Waterhouse prior to his involvement with the seafood industry. Thomas has installed traceability systems in companies operating in the USA, Western Pacific, SE Asia, and Central America.

Thomas is an advisor to the Princes Charities ISU-Marine Programme, and was honored by the Seafood Alliance as a 2012 Seafood Champion, is a stakeholder in the WWF/Vinatuna Tuna Fishery Improvement Project in Vietnam, a member of the Monterrey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Choice Multi-Stakeholder Group, and long time Director with Blue Water Fisherman’s Association.

Thomas has participated and spoken at numerous conferences around the world regarding seafood sustainability and traceability, established and leads an industry-run Comprehensive Tuna Fishery Improvement Project in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and has been engaged with eNGO’s (TNC & FFI) developing electronic data-gathering capacity in developing countries.