Intact Systems

Lebring, Austria
Founded 2001


The Basics

Intact Systems is a software company that specializes in providing integrity management solutions for control and certification bodies, standard setters, and businesses that perform internal and supplier audits. Its main product, Ecert, collects and evaluates data about products across the supply chain, facilitating better traceability to enhance the quality and safety of products and services. Ecert allows users to pull from a vast verified database in order to understand their full supply chain and verify data about products and suppliers.

Primary customers: Audit and certification bodies, Brand owners, Retailers, Standard Setters


How can Intact Systems help?

For brands and retailers, Ecert simplifies internal auditing and compliance management. It helps ensure and verify the quality and safety of product coming from suppliers, with comprehensive database to prevent against fraud and maintain integrity. Ecert helps achieve the highest possible level of transparency and safety in supply chains. For inspection and certification clients, Ecert makes the audit process as efficient as possible, facilitating the collection and evaluation of huge amounts of data in a well-structured way. Ecert can be configured to seamlessly integrate into existing IT systems.




Thomas Lorber, CEO

Thomas Lorber is CEO and one of the founders of Intact. He has many years of experience in audit and certification management, which is also his area of responsibility at Intact, where he provides consulting services in these fields. Besides being head of this department, he was also responsible for the successful foundation of Intact US. For his professional development Thomas Lorber attended several leadership and management trainings as well as a systemic training as business coach at the Institute of Relational Consultation and Training (IRBW) in Vienna.