Trace Register

Seattle, WA.
Founded 2005


The Basics

Trace Register is a supply chain data and data analytics company. Its software solutions empower the supply chain to link and trace product information, on a lot-by-lot, case-by-case, and shipment-by-shipment basis, linking upstream external data to downstream internal data. Trace Register’s data integration tools allow companies at every step of the supply chain to share data from many different sources in order to provide a unified view of valuable information. Through the TR+ Analytics Dashboard data can be put to work to gain valuable insights to improve business and the bottom line.

Primary customers: Retailers, Food Service, Importers, Exporters


How can Trace Register help?

Trace Register helps manage the supply chain more efficiently and proactively. Managing variation in supply chains is an important aspect of food production, influencing everything from product demand, short/late shipments, quality, and ultimately the customer’s experience. Gaining insight into product variation has historically been difficult and slow. Using data science and big data analytics, Trace Register provides great insight into product variation, especially on a case-by-case level, and can proactively identify nonconformance and defects. Trace Register provides customers with a competitive advantage through fewer problems, lower costs, higher margins, and happier customers.




Stephen Pratt, Vice President of Sales

Stephen Pratt is the Vice President of Sales for Trace Register. He demonstrates to current and prospective customers how TR’s Traceability Plus software solution can be used to proactively prevent problems, reduce waste and increase margins. He has seven years’ experience working on the integration of supply chain data with enhanced traceability analytics and knows the value it adds to the entire supply chain. Stephen has cross-cultural work experience and is known for his ability to simply communicate complex concepts and ideas to diverse audiences. Prior to joining TR, he worked as a mechanical engineer with the U.S. Navy, maintaining large vessels in the Middle East, Asia and North America. At Trace Register, Stephen has held various roles related to customer support, product development, marketing and sales. He is dedicated to working with every member of the supply chain to provide the most effective traceability solution for them.