Vancouver, Canada
Founded 2006


The Basics

Vericatch offers globally accessible and localized electronic reporting, fishery management, and supply chain traceability.  Our suite of tools - FisheriesApp and KnowYourFish – allows harvesters, processors and distributors to collect and use catch data to achieve complete traceability within the supply chain from the original harvest catch and landing activities, all the way through to their consumers at retailers and restaurants. Vericatch works with industry-leading organizations such as Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch and Ocean Wise to effect change and make a tangible difference in the future of fisheries and the fishing industry.

Primary customers: Harvesters, Processors, Distributors, Restaurants, Retailers


How can Vericatch help?

Vericatch’s solutions help fisheries build a better-managed and more sustainable future by supplying them with the data they need to support their catch assertions and earn more value for their catch.  FisheriesApp and KnowYourFish contribute to the correct labeling of fish species, the move to well-managed fisheries, and the prosperity of the fishing industry and the communities they support.




Julian Hawkins, CEO

Julian brings a wealth of international business leadership experience in the US, Europe and Asia with a proven tack-record of driving growth.  He’s achieved exceptional results with high-technology growth products and selling into complex supply chains in sustainable industries and technology. Julian is keenly focused on bringing the benefits of innovation to tackle the issues of sustainable fishing by working to improve the life of fishermen and their customers.



Jesse Latham, CTO

Jesse combines a balance of knowledge and experience between technology and business that allows him to drive the design, implementation, and execution of complex business solutions. He has over 15 years of technology experience spanning everything from  accounting and online marketing platforms to mobile and payment solutions to managing partner relationships. He is responsible for bringing new and innovative ways of electronic reporting and traceability data management to market as well as the day-to-day operations of various key platforms that Vericatch provides its customers.